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About Us & Owners History:

Rebelution Ink has been providing the community of Williamsburg quality screen printing services since 2002. We are also a part time Art Gallery and Retail Space; showcasing local Designers and Artists. We also sell uniquely printed apparel. Owner Randy Quiles has been printing since 1999.


Rebelution Ink offers and specializes in state-of-the-art screen-printing & Graphic Design, with quick turnaround times. With over 10 Years of experience, we've built a reputation for exceeding our customers' expectations and striving to make their marketing effort a great success.


We imprint graphics on a wide array of apparel and accessories including t-shirts, polos, tote bags and more. We're happy to work with any organization or individual, no matter how small or large the order.

We can screen print everything from dress shirts and polos for large corporations to t-shirts and tote bags for family reunions. With our in-house graphic designers, we can create custom artwork for you, or you can supply your own. Then we'll apply it to any of our huge selection of brand name apparel or promotional products.


We also offer On location Live Screen Printing for all types of events, Art Shows, Birthdays, Street Fairs, T-Shirt Parties, Bar & Night Clubs, Brand Promotions and more. 

So take a browse around our site to pick out your perfect item. Then let us show you the superb quality and customer service we're known for.

Thanks for visiting Rebelution Ink!

Owner Randy Quiles has been Screen Printing since 1999. Click on the Videos below

to view some of his work.


1999 - 2001

In 1999 Randy Quiles started his t-shirt political brand called Ricanstruction Designs, screen printing and designing all of his own work. All while printing from his Mothers apartment. (inactive, but still own the domain, if anyone is interested)


2002 - 2003

In 2002 Randy Quiles started a new political clothing brand called Rebelution Designs and screen printing services, closing down Ricanstruction Designs which only focused on Puerto Rican designs and culture and wanted to expand his line. (connected to our new website


2004 - 2007 

In 2004 Randy Quiles joined forces with Michael Cordero and his political brand 1 Soul Designs at the same time still operating his screen printing services Rebelution Designs. In 2005 we hosted our first Art Show and clothing sale at our new shop location on Weithers Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where we also introducted our first by accident Live Screen Printing event, while still printing T-Shirts for our Sale, people got a kick out of us Printing our T-Shirts on the spot while they listen to music and shopped. Print -N- Party.


Teaching kids from New Design High School a few things about Screen Printing: (active, still affiliated with 1 Soul Designs, we still print their merchandise)


2007 - 2010

In 2007 Randy Quiles, Eddie Soto and Michael Cordero opened a brick and mortar Art, Retail and Screen Printing Boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Fresthetic. (active, still affiliated with Fresthetic, we still print their merchandise)


2010 - 2015

In 2010 Randy Quiles & Frestheic partners decided to go their separate ways. Randy Quiles has since re-opened his Art, Retail and Screen Printing Boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and renamed it Rebelution Ink. (active, still affiliated with Fresthetic, we still print their merchandise)


2015 - Present

In 2015 Randy Quiles is now focusing on Screen Printing and Live Screen Printing services (Fresh off the Press) while still operating Rebelution Ink boutique and Pop-Up Shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn.


2005 - 1 Soul Designs Promo Video

2006 - Latination on Channel 9 NYC

2007 - Fresthetic on NY1 (en español)

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